In a spirit of tradition, with a modern recipe and state of the art technology we have been able to bring forth this exquisite Swedish premium vodka. 

The outcome of five whole rounds of distillation is a spirit with a flavour so soft and gentle that you can serve it straight-up as a drink, maybe just chilled with a couple of ice cubes. 

The Sture Vodka's gentle and aromatic flavour is conceived from the crystal clear pure waters and clean wheat from local farmers. Unique elements witch grants a genuine Swedish quality. 

An introduction of Sture Vodka in Scandinavia is ongoing. Item number at the Swedish Systembolaget AB: 30861


Sture Vodka

(Alcohol content 37.5%)

This rich-flavored premium vodka is made in the traditional manner but with a modern recipes and new technology. 

It is distilled twice, which gives a mild and round vodka. 

Our seasoned Master Blender Solveig Sommarström have a hand in all our products. Her taste buds are sought after and she has been involved in a number of the most famous Swedish spirits brands. 

Articlenumber at systembolaget: 30861

from 2016-02-01


Sture Gold

(Alcohol content 40%)

Sture Gold has the same rich aroma and mild flavor that Sture Vodka, produced in the same way but differ by their higher alcohol content.

Like all our products is made with water from clear springs and wheat from Swedish farms.

Experience genuine Swedish quality in every drop!

Articlenumber at systembolaget: 84914

from 2016-02-01

Sture Black

(Alcohol content 37.5%)

Sture Black is gently flavored with licorice, but not as sweet as licorice vodka often.

By because the vodka is so mild, we have been able to cut down on the sweetness and leave to you to decide how cute your drink should be.

Sture Black is also suitable to be drunk as a shot.

Articlenumber at systembolaget: 86445

from 2016-02-01

Sture Blond

(Alcohol content 37.5%)

Sture Blonde is flavored with vanilla. It provides extra rounding to a vodka that is already in the ground is soft and smooth.

Sture Blonde is balanced and specially adapted to function as a base in cocktails.

Article at systembolaget: 30862

from 2016-02-01


Spicy Midwinter


5 cl Sture Vodka
5 cl freshly squeezed pomegranate
2 cl freshly squeezed lemon juice
2 star anise
2 cl cinnamon and ginger syrup (see below)
2 apple slices
Pomegranate seeds

Honey pickled winter apple (see below)

Cinnamon and ginger syrup:
5 dl granulated sugar
5 dl water
4 cm whole cinnamon
4 star anise
1/8 orange peel
20 grams ginger, shredded

Honey pickled winter apple:
5 apples thinly sliced
2 dl vinegar/apple cider vinegar
1 dl honey

To serve:
Crushed/shaved ice

1. Cinnamon and ginger syrup: mix all the ingredients for syrup and boil for five minutes. Strain and let cool down
2. Honey pickled winter apple: dissolve the honey in the vinegar. Pour the mixture over the apple slices and let marinate for one hour. Remove the slices and put them to the side.
3. Shake the ingredients for the drink in a shaker. Build the drink by first pressing a few honey pickled apple slices in the glass. Pour the drink and fill the glass with plenty of crushed/ shaved ice. Garnish with a pickled apple slice.

Cucumber mojito


5 cl Sture Gold
3 cl freshly squeezed lime juice
3 cl simple syrup
4 cm cucumber, peeled and deseeded, in slices
Sliced cucumber peel
3 sprigs of lemon balm
2 sprigs of mint
½ lime in wedges
¼ tsp sea salt

Simple syrup:
5 dl granulated sugar
5 dl water

1. Simple syrup: mix the water and sugar and boil for five minutes. Put to the side and let cool down.
2. Muddle all the ingredients. Shake with crushed ice and pour into a glass.


Nordic light shines


5 cl Sture Black
4 cl freshly pressed apple juice
4 cl freshly squeezed orange juice
2 star anise
1 sun dried fig, sliced
½ tbsp sea buckthorn seeds
2 cl sea buckthorn syrup

Sea buckthorn syrup:
5 dl granulated sugar
5 dl water
½ sea buckthorn
⅛ orange zest

To serve:
Ice cubes

1. Sea buckthorn syrup:Clean the sea buckthorn, but save the seeds for the drink. Mix all ingredients and let boil for five minutes. Strain and let cool down.
2. Shake all the ingredients. Pour into a glass over ice.

Dizzy pine


5 cl Sture Blond
5 cl coconut milk
4 cl pineapple juice
2 cl syrup
3 pineapples, grilled (see below)

Lemon balm
Lime wedge

5 dl sugar
5 dl water
¼ lime, sliced

To serve:
Shaved ice

1. Syrup: mix all the ingredients and boil for five minutes. Strain and let cool down.
2. Grilled pineapple: slice the pineapple thinly. Grill both sides you can use a frying pan if you don’t have a grill, let cool down. Grill the pineapple the same day you are going use it.
3. Shake all the ingredients with crushed ice in a shaker. Pour into a glass and garnish with lime wedge and lemon balm.